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Mounting Plasma Television Sets

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    Mounting Plasma Television Sets
  • Looking for more options to position your television? You may want to consider investing in a plasma type of television set. Mounting plasma television sets is relatively easy. You have a variety of ways of locating your television including hanging it on a wall.


    Where you want to put your plasma television set will be influenced partially by the television that you buy. Before going shopping for your plasma television, first determine where you would like to mount it.

    For example, if you wish to do something specialized, like hang it over a bed, or have it installed over your fireplace, you will need carpenters do the work.

    Television Dimensions

    No matter where you wish to mount your new plasma television, always carry with you the dimensions when you go to the store. And if you can, take pictures of the space where you wish to mount your plasma television.

    How To Mount It?

    Once you have determined where you want to place your new television, you will need to decide on how you want to mount it. Unlike a normal television, gravity just will not work with a plasma television. If you need to ask why, have your plasma television professionally installed.

    You will need to mount your television to a wall, a piece of furniture or a stand. The great advantage is that cords used can easily be hidden. The disadvantage of installing it yourself is that if by accident something were to happen to the plasma television, the manufacturer will try to blame it on your installation.

    Hence, you will not be covered by the guarantee. A plasma television is a large, heavy and delicate piece of equipment. In fact, it might not be a bad idea to encase it in glass. You want this television as secure as you can get it. It costs way too much to take chances.

    Shopping for a Television

    Now that you know how and where you want to mount your plasma television, it is time to go shopping.

    Go to a store that specializes in electronics. You do not want the largest or most expensive model. You want the model with the right size and weight to look and fit right into your space.

    Also, if you want to mount your plasma television upside down, there are only a few models that can do that without voiding the warranty. With all this information in hand, you are ready to go shopping.


    There are several ways of mounting plasma television sets. Depending on the type of set up you have in the room where you plan on having your television, you can choose from any number of means. Wall mounts and specially designed TV stands are among the most popular mounting forms.

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