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Flattering Clothes For Your Body Shape

  • By: tamjac

  • Finding the clothes that is the most flattering for your body shape can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. As women we are all shaped differently, and this is not a bad thing. What women need to do to look their very best, is accentuate their positive features, and play down the not so positive features.

    Now just as “beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” the same is true with physical features. One woman with large breast may think this is a positive feature, while the other may think it’s not. But in any case, it is what it is, large breast, and learning how to dress what you have is key.

    Here are some figure fixes for a more confident YOU.

    Large Breast – The key here is not to look “top heavy”. An important first step that any woman with large breast needs to do is find a well fitting bra. Don’t just buy any old bra, but invest in a good one that puts and keeps them in place. Bras with under-wire and wide straps are a good choice.

    For your tops, you will want to find shirts that have an open neckline, such as v-shaped, round or square necklines. Also look for tops that are fitted at the waist and have more room up on top.

    Avoid high necklines and unfitted tops. Halters are also not a good idea, because it is hard to find a bra to wear with this kind of top and your breasts always need good support.

    Small Breast- If your breast are small you have a bit of an advantage. Most clothes look better on you, and if you want a little extra on top you can use padded bras and other extras that enhance your breast. You will want to wear the exact opposite of those with larger breast.

    For your tops, you will want to find shirts like shoulder baring tanks with high necklines. Halter tops were made for you. With your small breast there is no need for a bra, and again this kind of top shows of your sexy shoulders.

    Avoid lower necklines; these will only accentuate your boney chest. Avoid corset type blouses that are fitted at the waist, these are designed to accentuate the breast.

    Big Bottom- Most women are not happy with their bigger bottoms, but don’t be afraid to show it off. Tighter fitting pants will look much better than baggy droopy ones. Some ladies have bottoms that are not in proportion to the rest of there body, for them there a few things to keep in mind.

    Wide leg lower rise trousers are a great choice. The lower waist cuts the bottom area in half, which in turn makes the bottom appear smaller. Also keep pocket flaps off the pockets as this only adds to the definition of your bottom. Another thing to keep in mind is to look for darker colors for your bottom half.

    Avoid at all cost high-waisted jeans. The main reason for this is simple really. Pants with a high waist make the butt look bigger because there is more fabric. Jeans in lighter washes should not even be considered.

    No Bottom- Those of you have no bottom are at an advantage, because just like no boobs, you can always add to what’s not there, but those with bigger bottoms do not have the luxury of removing what is there.

    You will want to look for cheek lifting jeans that have back pockets that are spread further apart. This will help your bottom look fuller. Also jeans with flaps on the back pockets will add definition.
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