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Verilux VT04BB1 TwiLight Mini Ul
Verilux VT04BB1 TwiLight Mini Ultra Blue Light Therapy Sleep System

Verilux VT04BB1 TwiLight Mini Ultra Blue Light Therapy Sleep System

System based on the NASAresearch

Many studies have shown that the occurrence of sleep disturbance increases with age. The natural Circadian rhythm that regulates your body’s sleep cycles can be thrown off by spending more time indoors as we age.
Even young children can experience difficulty falling asleep and experiencing a restful slumber.
Instead of seeking relief from potentiallydangerous drugs, people everywhere are looking for natural alternatives.

Now Verilux®, the leader in healthy lighting since 1956, has developed a Blue Light Therapy Sleep System.

The new TwiLight™ Mini Ultra Blue Light Therapy Sleep System provides excellent blue light exposure that has been shown to optimize the re-calibration of the body’s Circadianrhythm.

Placing this compact device in your bedroom and activating its soothing blue light for 30-60 minutes prior to falling asleep will help you fall asleep faster and experience a more satisfying slumber.

Young children and infants can also benefit from bathing their bedroom in the soft glow of blue light prior to falling asleep.
And, the TwiLight™ System remains cool to the touch, so it’s safe to use.

The compact size (only 3.9” x 5.6” x 12”) and high/low illumination make it the perfect addition to any bedroom.

  • 5,000 LUX of 460 nm Blue Light Therapy: Translucent lens delivers an optimal dose of the correct spectrum of blue light to regulate Circadian rhythm and assist in providing more restful and effective sleep patterns.

  • 36W Natural Spectrum® Bulb: Lasts 10,000 hours and delivers the correct dosage of healthful blue-enriched light without adding heat to your surroundings.

  • Contemporary Design and High/Low Operation: Clean lines and sleek styling make this the perfect addition to any bedroom in your home.

  • High/Low light output switch provides optimum illumination flexibility.
  • Best-in-Class Electronic Control System: Advanced electronic ballast and exclusive Flicker Elimination Technology™ ensure no-buzz operation and instant-on, flicker-free illumination.

  • Guaranteed Performance: Satisfaction guaranteed by Verilux® - the leader in Natural Spectrum® illumination and backed by a 3-year limited warranty.