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First Date Tips

  • By:The Dating Guru

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    First Date

    Need a few first date dating tips? Even the seasoned dating pros need a few first date tips to get the ball rolling smoothly. There are lots of free dating sites that offer online dating tips and online dating information, but not many that address the issue of what to do when you actually meet for that first date.

    First of all, being nervous is normal. Even if your date seems calm and collected, chances are they are secretly as nervous as you are. Thatís good. Thatís what makes a first date exciting! So, still a little worried about what you should do, where you should go, or how should you act on a first date? Here are a few first date tips that are guaranteed to go over better than a standard flower gift that you just plucked off the side of the road.

    Be Creative
    Make sue you take the time to think the whole night through. ďWinging itĒ is never a good plan. It tells your date that you didnít care enough about this first date to make it worth your while.

    The standard 2 hour movie is not a good way to get acquainted. You need to talk face to face without an on-screen explosion getting in the way. A dinner is always nice, but can leave one feeling like they have to be a chatter-box in order to keep the dialogue up. The best solution is a low-stress daytime meeting (like a lunch or coffee). This way, you can both make it a short commitment and you can both get acquainted in a very ďnon-dateĒ atmosphere. Plus, you both get to eat! Check the internet to find some local cafťís or lunch restaurants.

    Want to get more creative? Try the zoo for a first date. Sound too weird? Think about it. You get to stroll around at a leisurely pace, you get to look and talk about a lot of fascinating things around you (the animals). This will give you lots to talk about instead of mindless chatter or more serious discussions like, ďWhat happened to your last relationship.Ē Plus, you can leave anytime you like, so thereís no pressure to ďride outĒ the date if you both donít like it.

    Not a zoo person? No problem. Get creative and find events or locations that have enough going on to stimulate conversation. Thatís the most important thing. Donít worry so much about trying to ďentertainĒ on your fist date, worry about creating an atmosphere where you both can simply talk.

    What to Wear
    Wear clothes that make you feel good.

    You want to dress to impress, but above all BE YOURSELF. You donít need to wear a suit if you donít wear one on a regular basis, and you donít need to dress ďcheapĒ in order to get some attraction. Your date is sizing you up on what may be the only time you meet, so make sure your clothes reflect who you really are.

    Keeping that in mind, donít show up in a tank top and sandals (unless youíre going to the beach, of course!). Make sure your clothes are clean, neat, and pressed (this means no holes or stains). New clothes can help, but again, donít try so hard to impress your date, unnatural attire will stick out like a sore thumb.

    Make sure your date feels comfortable
    Find something nice about your date and compliment her or him. And when you say it, be sincere. Donít just flatter for the sake of flattery, find something about your date that you truly want to compliment. This will earn big brownie-points with your date.

    Manners and Kindness
    Good manners are always in style. Donít think you are too cool to say please and thank you. Even if your date goes poorly, always thank your date for coming out with you.

    Be courteous and attentive to your date. Donít let your eyes wander (donít say you couldnít help it! Youíre an adult, use some self-control!), and donít flirt with anyone but your date.

    Make sure you do an equal amount of listening as you do talking. No one likes a chatter-box who only talks about themselves. Youíre both there to learn about each other. Part of learning is listening.

    Attitudes and Habits - Stay Positive
    Don't complain on a first date. I donít care if you complain all day long. Your first date shouldnít be one negative comment after another. Find things that are going well on your date and point them out.

    Donít drink too much. If you know you get a little ďweirdĒ after a few drinks, exhibit some restraint and donít drink too much. You may think youíre charming after a few, but your date will only see a dribbling fool.

    Now for some first date ideas:

    • Take a class together
    • Wine-tasting
    • Photography
    • Ever watch the TV show, ďBlind Date?Ē They do just about everything under the sun. Watch a few episodes. Get some ideas. Be creative. Have fun. And donít forget, ALWAYS BE YOURSELF!

    Good luck!

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