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Body Language

Body language is the quiet, secret and most powerful language of all! According to experts, our non-verbal language communicates about 50% of what we really mean (voice tonality contributes 38%) while words themselves contribute a mere 7%. Our bodies send out messages constantly and often we don't recognize that we're communicating a lot more than we realize.

When Body Language Means Love

If you are watching his body language, what moves mean that he is in love with you? How do body language and love go together? Are there certain movements to indicate that he has fallen for you?

If you study someone's body language, you can learn a lot about them and their intentions. Body language and love go hand in hand as there are certain moves that mean he has fallen for you hard. Here is a look at some classic body language signs that he is in love with you. [...more click to full story]

Understanding Body Language On A First Date

People communicate through nonverbal cues more often than through verbal cues. Itís just that we donít know that we are doing so.

This is the reason why experts agree that one of the keys to maintaining good communication with other people is to learn how to understand the nonverbal cues that they emit. For instance, when dating, there are body Language cues that say whether a person is interested or not.

Here are some dating body language that you should learn to read the next time you went out on a date. [...more click to full story]

The Instant Guide To Body Language
What are they really saying? Understand their true meaning and feelings from understanding their body language.

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