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Cheap Laptops - Are They Worth The Money?

Remember last year when a sale featuring laptops priced at $500 caused a stampede in one store. What a difference a year makes!
Laptop prices have been steadily dropping, falling below those stampede prices in some cases. As productions costs come down and the marketplace is flooded with all makes of laptops, you can expect laptop prices to drop even further. [...more click to full story]

Practical Tips for Buying Your New Laptop

So you want to buy a laptop but don't know where to start. You're not alone. Buying a new laptop can present many challenges, especially if you're unfamiliar with laptops or notebook computers.
Over the last little while so much new laptop technology has hit the market... Intel Duo Processors, SLI, Dual Graphics... it can all be totally mind boggling to the average consumer. For the first time laptop buyer understanding all the techno jargon can be downright scary. [...more click to full story]

How To Choose the Best Student Laptop?

Merchants are singing those three magic words again, 'Back to School' and the fallout is everywhere!
Just as you're getting your deep dark pre-cancerous tan going - you hear those words - and it spells the end of summer. Once again we are bombarded with advertising, featuring the latest in 'teen ware' 'school ware' and 'metal detector ware'. Kidding!
Is it just me or does it seem this year there is a lot more 'Back to School' advertising for notebooks and laptops? They seem to be everywhere... on TV, radio, and online.
Laptop ads are everywhere. Why is this? [...more click to full story]

How To Choose The Best Laptop Accessories?

The notebook computer is coming of age. For the first time in history, notebooks or laptops are out-selling their bigger cousins, desktop computers.
The rise in popularity of the notebook computer can be contributed to many factors: drop in prices, stiff competition, aggressive marketing, but perhaps the biggest factor - increased performance.

With each new generation of notebooks, we are seeing some novel breakthroughs: dual core notebooks, PCI Express, Sonoma Chipset, increased storage, increased RAM, faster CPUs, better battery life and better wireless access including a Cellular Modem Connection. All these new innovations are making for a more powerful computer embodied in a sleeker smaller package that consumers want. [...more click to full story]