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Four ways to stretch your dollar in 2011

The beginning of a new year is a great time to do some self assessment and figure out how you can make the next year even better than the last. It's also a logical time to take a look at your family's budget and figure out how you can make your money go even further next year.

Since you'll soon be digging into your financial records in order to file your taxes, why not take a little extra time to set a budget and identify some areas where you and your family can save a few dollars? Here are four simple ways to get more for less this year:
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Looking for ways to save?

The economic health of the country is all over the news, and people everywhere are worried about layoffs, retirement savings and the state of their financial affairs. An unemployment rate above 8 percent has everyone looking over their shoulders and counting their pennies. If you’re worried about what to do if you lose your job or just looking for ways to save money, your first step should be to talk to your bank about how you can make the most of your banking relationship.

Here are some simple tips to help you make the most of your money and utilize all the financial tools available to you: [...more click to full story]

Have a Teen Driver? Learn How to Save Money on their Car Insurance

Did you know when parents add their teens to their car insurance policies, premiums can jump from 100 percent to 355 percent even if the teen is driving the family minivan?

Have a Teen Driver? Learn How to Save Money on their Car Insurance
There are several different ways to get lower premiums for your teenagers. Many insurance companies offer online tutorials that teenagers can take and if passed, companies will offer substantial discounts. For example, State Farm has an online tutorial called Steer Clear and if the new driver passes it, State Farm will give up to a 15 percent discount to first time drivers. Many other insurance companies have similar online programs that offer discounts for teens. Esurance, an online car insurance company, gives discounts every six months for clean driving records. Yes, a clean driving record means no speeding tickets.
According to Statefarm.com, here are a few insurance tips for teen divers and their parents: . [...more click to full story]