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Hot Kitchen Design Trends

Most of our homes in New York City are small which also usually results in having other rooms that are small.

If you currently own your own apartment in NYC then you have probably entertained the idea of increasing or enhancing the space of one or more of your rooms.

We all know that remodeling a space requires lots of planning and a certain amount of cash to achieve a good result that we can happily live in. One of the most frequently used rooms in a home is the kitchen and when you have a small space it can sometimes be really hard to get motivated to utilize it at full capacity. [...more click to full story]

Kitchen Remodeling - Getting it done

Kitchen Remodeling is one of the most desirable home improvement projects for many homeowners. It works because it is the art of sensible design and when you feel good your life goes in a positive direction creating for you wealth, health and happiness. But it requires careful thinking about how you live and what you want.
The important thing with Kitchen Remodeling is to know your budget, do your research and know what things cost and how much you want to spend. It can be hard to know where to begin and what concepts to use. Success requires the right preparation. With kitchen remodeling, not everybody has to enjoy the process of hunting and finding that perfect thing for their house or one particular object that's going to make a room. [...more click to full story]

Kitchen Remodeling Hits the Big Time

Nearly five million kitchens will be remodeled in the U.S. this year, an increase of more than 10 percent over 1999, according to a survey of 20,000 consumers by Kitchen and Bath Business magazine. And, according to the survey, these remodelers know exactly what they want in their kitchens - luxury items. "Most kitchen remodelers are experienced cooks. They've lived in one or two previous kitchens and know what they love and hate," said Joan McCloskey, Better Homes and Gardens Executive Building Editor. "These remodelers are very discriminating about style, durability, features, price and performance on every element that comprises a kitchen. They may make tradeoffs to keep their budget in line, but they'll sacrifice to gain some of the luxury items that bring life to a kitchen." [...more click to full story]