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Faster Hair Growth Tips

There are a number of factors that can influence how fast your hair can grow and some of these include your diet, your state of health, any medication you're taking, hormonal influences, environmental influences and even your stress levels. Hair growth tends to slow down the older you get so age is also a consideration and of course your genetic blueprint plays a role too. Normal hair growth is therefore very difficult to define as it will vary considerably from person to person but on average, the hair on our head grows at a rate of around one centimetre a month
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Beauty Basics - Eight Tips For Naturally Beautiful Hair

Looking for a more natural approach to hair care? Here are some tips to help your hair look and feel its best.

1. Avoid shampoos that contain sodium laurel sulfate, or sodium laureth sulfate. These chemicals are synthetic detergents that are used in dishwashing liquid and other cleansers. They are valued because they lather well, but they are very harsh, and can dry out your hair. Instead, look for shampoos made with decyl glucose, or decyl glucoside, cleansers which are much gentler. [...more click to full story]

Tips for Best Hair Care

Caring For Your Hair is Easy
Respect your hair!

Your inner health is just as important as the products you apply externally to your hair. Inner health is your nutritional, metabolic, hormonal and all other functions that influence your body.

A Few Facts:

Do you know what hair is made of?
Dead cells...lots and lots of them.
Hair is made up of three layers: [...more click to full story]

Seven Home Hair Color Tips for Great Results

Some hair professionals may try to discourage you from doing your own home hair color, saying that drugstore hair color products are harsh and the results can be uncertain.

But the truth is that you can achieve excellent results and save a lot of money by coloring your hair at home as long as you know a few basics about choosing the right color and applying it correctly.

Here are seven of the most common questions and my advice on hair coloring at home: [...more click to full story]

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