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Child Care: What's Hot

What to Do When Your Teen Chooses Bad Friends

Recently, a well known educator and speaker on parenting issues made a list of all the difficult questions parents had been asking him about their teens. He noticed that of all the issues that are bothering parents, the number one concern is what to do about bad friends. This question was mentioned more than twice as often as the next most common concern. [...more click to full story]

12 Keys to Successful Parenting


I love you, and I know that you want to be the best parent that you can be. I am very sensitive, and I can feel your warmth, your caring, and your heart's desire to see me happy, healthy and successful in all areas of my life.
The following messages come from my heart: [...more click to full story]

Seven Important Things To Teach Your Children About Finances

Starting your children off with a right view of finances is so important these days - especially when debt seems to be a common way of life for so many. Who knows if the young parents of today were ever taught such a vital lesson in life as being able to properly manage their finances. Perhaps their lives would have been so much different. We can never know - and can never change it. We can, however, change the way our own children look at money. Here are some important lessons to teach your children about such an important subject - their money. [...more click to full story]

I Think my Child is Using Drugs

What is a parent to think? I see behavior changes in my child. They used to be social, outgoing and communicated with the family. Now my child is secretive, isolated & uncommunicative. Is it possible that my worst nightmare has come true? My child is using drugs?  [...more click to full story]