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The Fifteen Secrets That Successful Women Know

Women are fabulous! They are resourceful, determined, complex, resilient, & compassionate. They are able to endure pregnancy, childbirth, child-raising, heartbreak, husband-raising, being the career women, and running the household (housecleaning, bill paying, activities coordinator, sexy vixen, hostess, etc, etc.). Learn how successful women make it all happen, while looking, feeling and being fabulous.[...more click to full story]

4 Steps to Online Business Success

Steps to Online Business Success

Why do most online small businesses fail? Because they fail to recognize and act upon the profound difference between offline and online commerce. Offline, it's all about "location, location, location." Put your business where people crowd by and you're all set. Get your cash register ready! Online small businesses fail to act on the fundamental reality of how people use the Web. No one "passes by." They search for "information, information, information."

Any business takes hard work, but learning to build a successful e-business may be simpler than you think. Provide in-demand information about something you know or are passionate about. From that point on, everything else should flow effortlessly. Use the following 4-step process to build your Internet business the intelligent way:

Step 1: Content

Web users search for information and solutions. They are not looking for you. They don't even know you exist. They want the information that you hold though. So give it to them. Convert your knowledge into in-demand content. To succeed online, start where your customers start - at the search engines.

Step 2: Traffic

Your content ranks high at search engines like Google, Yahoo! and MSN. Your high ranking content is attracting free, targeted, open-to-buy visitors. These future customers meet you and your products or services at your site. When you provide excellent content, the search engines provide you with free customers! You need visitors and the search engines need to provide excellent search results. It's a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Step 3: Pre-sell

Complete strangers begin to develop trust and confidence in you. They do this because you pre-sell them by over delivering what they were looking for- relevant, original, information that solves their problem or answers their question. Building an online relationship is the most effective way to create raving fans! Word-of-mouth spreads and you receive even more visitors for free.

Step 4: Monetize

Convert warm, pre-sold raving fans into income. This is called monetizing. Believe it or not this is the easy part. You have already created content, received free visitors, and developed a trusting relationship with them. Monetizing cannot happen if you fail to first execute the content-traffic-presell process. This is where 99% of small e-businesses fail.

Succeeding in any small business is the result of hard work. Learning how to conquer the Internet is simpler than many imagine it to be. Choose the right tools and build your e-empire with ease.

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