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Communicating With Your Baby

From the very moment of birth, your baby began to communicate with you. As soon as you hold your baby, you begin to communicate with each other by exchanging loving glances, sounds, and touches. You introduce your little one to your own ways communicating through touch, making verbal sounds and facial gestures. Over time, your baby will learn your language and ways of communicating, just as you will learn your baby's unique language.
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Breastfeeding Questions and ConcernsEvery New Mom Should Know

Inverted Nipples

Before your baby is born, check your breasts for flat or inverted nipples. Place your thumb and forefinger around your areola in a "C" shape, about an inch from the base of your nipple, and gently press thumb and forefinger together. Your nipple should project outward. If your nipple pulls back into the breast or stays flat, seek advice from your doctor, certified lactation consultant, or La Leche League leader. [...more click to full story]

Bringing Home Baby

Bringing Home Baby can be an exciting, wonderful and often anxious time, and with a little planning beforehand, your family will be able to relax and treasure this special time together.

Safety First - Of course your newborn isn't going to stick their fingers into an electrical socket, but you should still prepare your home with basic baby-proofing. Your baby will take their first steps before you know it, so prepare now by covering outlets, moving harmful chemicals out of reach and securing cabinet doors. [...more click to full story]

What You Need to Know Before you buy Baby Clothes

You are expecting a baby! There are few events in your life that will be as profoundly sacred and joyous as the day you welcome your new bundle of pink or blue into your family.

Like millions of parents to-be, you have probably spent months in thoughtful preparation to assure your little one has the best of everything. The list may appear endless, from choosing the perfect crib, bassinet, stroller, and car seat, to baby clothes.
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Your babys Chinese animal signs

Do you believe that the characteristics of the animal in the year that your baby was born can influence your baby's character?

I did not believe this until I started my childcare centre and with each batch of babies I learnt that they do have some common characteristics of their animal signs therefore... [...more click to full story]

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