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Are You Making These Diet Mistakes?

  • By: Peter Straw

  • Diet Mistakes

    Deciding to eat just one kind of low calorie food

    What happens if you decide to go on a diet which is composed entirely of bananas and milk? Will it work? Yes, you will lose weight, but only if you eat a moderate amount. Bananas and milk are excellent foods and together provide a good selection of the nutrients the body requires. But such a diet is much too monotonous to endure for a long time. The chances are that you will tire of it long before you reach your target weight. Even if you do manage this, when the ordeal is over you will probably rush back to your old eating habits, and on will go the pounds again.

    There are many diets which have been deliberately devised to boost the sales of an individual food; grapefruit, milk, bananas, oranges, peanuts and honey are only a few of them and always with a promise of magic about each. These diets always find followers too, because every overweight person dreams of a miraculous reducing diet which will overnight banish fat forever.

    Another type of reducing diet uses specially manufactured foods. Some of them are foods, or 'nonfoods', which contain little in the way of nutrients but which provide bulk and make you feel full. These manufactured diets include the liquid diet all you need for the day in a few glasses and the biscuit diet. Most of them are designed for crash or exceedingly low calorie diets which will reduce your weight as quickly as possible. Then you can go back to your old way of eating and put it all on again. So begins the merry-go-round of weight loss and weight gain.

    Crashing doesn't work

    The popularity of crash diets lies in the speed with which they supposedly work. Every person who is overweight longs for all their excess fat to melt away in a few weeks, quite forgetting that it took months, or even years, to get there in the first place. Research shows that few people who indulge in crash diets ever manage to stay thin, although they may lose the promised ten pounds a week and persist until they reach their target weight.

    Sensible weight loss

    For fat loss to work, you will need to control your calorie intake. However, control of calorie intake needs to be done very carefully as you don't want to strip your body of nutrients, by not feeding it properly. This is where professional weight loss diets will come in handy. Read more about it below.

    Do you want a custom made diet that you will be comfortable with? Read about how the Diet Solution Program can help you with that.

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