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Discover Why Losing Weight Is Difficult And What To Do About It

  • By: Caro Cowan

  • Why losing weight is difficult is because you need to put your body in the best position to help you first. To reach and maintain the ideal weight you have desired for so long, give your body the means to eliminate what it doesn't need efficiently. The average diet (excluding starvation diets) requires you to eat fewer calories, give or take certain food types, regardless of your body type, for you to lose weight. Simple?! You exercise the required amount per week and still no weight loss. You give it a bit longer and you do lose some pounds but that's it.

    Then what, you're upset, you begin to crave the foods your body is lacking, for example, carbs. and fat, or worse, you become the perfect candidate for our 'interested in making money only friends' and start the (desperate) and vicious cycle of dieting, or you turn to diet pills that you can't really afford, ka ching for the drug companies.

    Fad diets, diet pills and the like are almost always responsible for your body getting less nutrients than it actually needs, in order for you to lose weight slowly but surely.

    So, where does that leave you?

    Caught Between A Rock And A Hard Place:

    Why you can't lose weight has nothing to do with lack of willpower or that you haven't tried hard enough and everything to do with being caught between a rock and a hard place. The diet and food industries, and the drug companies, continue to 'peddle their wares', knowing full well that they are only short-term fixes, in that your body can only go so far before it starts to go into preservation mode. But, you don't know that? You can bet millions of dollars are spent on research which surely shows how the body works (or doesn't) when it's on a diet. Things like, your body cannot produce the ideal results when your metabolism has slowed right down to accommodate for the lack of nutrients, or, that when your digestive system is running right, losing weight is made much easier and you don't need to subject yourself to dieting at all.

    Until you put two and two together, you will always be wondering why you're still overweight.

    Getting Out From A Rock And A Hard Place:

    A good diet is simply a well-balanced one, leaning away from processed foods, which literally, wreaks havoc on your body (if you let it) and more towards a diet of fresh fruits, veg and good old nuts for protein and roughage. To maintain a healthy body weight would be futile without making sure your body gets the help it needs to work properly. We are all shapes and sizes and require different foods and calorie counts for our ideal weight, but the one thing we do have in common is a digestive system. If kept in top condition your body can then perform its' duties of getting rid of toxins and wastes easily.

    Get out from a rock and hard place

    All body processes require energy in order to function properly

    Eat a healthy diet with all the necessary nutrients, to restore your health, via your digestive system, and you get to lose weight you never knew you had, and, you can expect it to be a natural and permanent way of life. So, when things aren't adding up, take into account what the diet and food industries must already know. And, that is, that their fad diets, their diet pills and processed foods do not allow your body enough energy, is the reason why losing weight is difficult, and why you never feel well.

    Fad diets and diet pills are good for nothing in the long run. The best thing you can do for you is to stop starving yourself. The courage to make up your own mind is to free yourself from outside influences, Become Your Best Self free report Start feeding your body enough nutrients. In return your digestive system will look after you in more ways than one. Use calories to your advantage and how to burn the excess: Look for 45 free tips:

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