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Body Language and Love - When Body Language Means Love

  • By: Evangeline K Harris

  • When Body Language Means Love

    If you are watching his body language, what moves mean that he is in love with you? How do body language and love go together? Are there certain movements to indicate that he has fallen for you?

    If you study someone's body language, you can learn a lot about them and their intentions. Body language and love go hand in hand as there are certain moves that mean he has fallen for you hard. Here is a look at some classic body language signs that he is in love with you.

    He Looks at You

    If you catch a guy looking at you more than twice, chances are that he really likes you. Anything less than two looks and he may just be scanning the room, but if you catch him repeatedly making eye contact, he is into you. If you catch this type of body language, then make a move and go up to him. This is actually one of the safest moves you can make because you will eliminate any risk since his body language indicates love from the beginning.

    Leaning In

    If a guy's body language includes leaning in close to you, then he has fallen for you. When a guy does this, he is normally within eighteen inches of your face and in your personal space. Of course, you probably won't mind this invasion of your personal space since you know the guy is in love with you and you probably will want to get closer to him as well.

    Change of Tone

    Body language and love can also mean the way that he changes how he talks. Studies show that when you are attracted to a person, you tend to change how you converse. For example, most people will slow down their speaking pattern about 25% from how they normally talk. In addition, people will also use a softer voice when talking to someone they are attracted to. This is likely because they want you to hear every word he has to say.


    A classic sign of body language and love is if he keeps touching you while having a conversation. He may put his hands on yours or touch your arm several times. However, pay a lot of attention if he puts his hand on your shoulder. This can be a sign that he would like to go even further because the movement is similar to that if he cups your breast.

    Dilated Pupils

    While he is talking to you, pay close attention to his eyes. If his eyes begin to dilate, this is a classic sign of being into you because they will do this in order to take in more information. In addition, notice the color of his cheeks. If he starts to glow, this is also a sign of attraction because the blood starts moving faster and the cheeks begin to take on a rosy look.

    There are plenty of body language indicators of love if you just know where to look and pay attention as you do so.

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